How to Make Money Online with IVR Advertising?

How to Make Money Online with IVR Advertising?


How to Make Money Online with IVR Advertising? Planning to start an IVR chatline advertising work, working on it and developing the work takes enough time. The most important thing is to learn how to use your time effectively and take the right steps.

At, where all number blocks are combined into a single panel, the advertiser is supposed to earn more, and profit is offered per minute, not per call. To make this clear, let's take an example:

  • • You have become a member of,
  • • You have applied for a number,
  • • Your number was assigned by our team within 4 hours,
  • • You have received your uniquely defined number through your advanced broadcaster friendly panel,
  • • You have started broadcasting your number in your advertising channels,
  • • When people who saw your ad call your special number, you saw the call immediately in your advanced panel and you earned money for every second the call lasts,
  • • You earned 0.63₺ for 1 minute call, which is 37.80₺ for 60 minutes, and you could have more than one caller on your number at a time.

This is not an easy work for many web entrepreneurs and there are several steps that they need to follow in order to search for IVR numbers to earn active and passive income from the internet. Let's follow these steps step by step.

Requirements for you to do IVR advertising:

  • • Smart Phone
  • • Computer
  • • Tablet

You can do IVR chatline advertising on mobile with any of the above devices. In IVR chatline advertising, it is important to generate traffic. Traffic is the density of visitors generated from a website or social media account.

There are more than one tools to generate traffic. These are:

  • • Twitter
  • • Tumblr
  • • Instagram
  • • SEO
  • • AdWords


SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Let's talk about SEO first.

A blog is an important aspect of SEO. Chatline advertisers are pretty competitive. Keep producing relevant content and targeting the right keywords to appear on the first page of search engine ranking page (SERP) results.

In your blog posts, you can offer your range of services for sale. Remember this simple rule: Google loves long and keyword-rich content. When using images, make sure to name the file. For example: chat-line.jpg. Write all words in lowercase. Separate words with hyphens.

Customers want to chat with their favorite model(s). You can tell when the chatline operators are online. Let them know about your service offerings. Customers will start visiting your adult phone chat page.

Blogs are used for all purposes and to promote subscriptions. Do not give away too much content. Explain enough content to make the audience curious. All premium content must be behind a paywall.

Another good SEO strategy is to exchange guest posts with other IVR chatline operators. Google respects backlinks. Building links can improve your website's ranking.



AdWords is Google’s advertisement service.

Create a website and let the Numarabiz support team tell you about its content. Then display the website you created at the top of search results by selecting specific keywords through Google AdWords.



Twitter is the most adult friendly social networking platform.

Note that Twitter does not promote nude content in the cover and profile sections. Follow the rules. Otherwise, you may be banned.

When you create your profile, enter your username and descriptions carefully.

There is a way to update your website link in your bio section. Twitter accounts can pin a tweet to the top of their page. Send a pinned tweet, write your chatline number in that tweet. Use relevant hashtags.

Do not automate your Twitter account. If you automate it, your Twitter account will likely be shadow banned.



Here three reasons to use Tumblr:

-Creating a loyal audience,

-Directing the traffic,

-Making money through its services.

If you are just starting out, follow some people, reblog existing posts, and use relevant tags. And yes, make sure you tag every post.

Here are a few examples of tags: #chatline #ontheline*** #chatlines #livechat etc.

A well-designed Tumblr blog can speed up your web traffic. Use attractive themes, thumbnails and a suitable background image. In the description, state what your business is about, what services you offer, what your unique selling offer is, etc. Be creative.

If you are active on adult-friendly social networks like Twitter, share your content on Twitter.

Always watermark your content. Submit your Tumblr blog to Google. Use click-through conversions linked to your phone's chatline call. You can use time and date triggers to automate every Tumblr post.

Optimize the URL structure of your Tumblr blog. Google loves optimized URLs.


Instagram is one of the platforms that can generate the easiest influx of visitors, i.e. traffic. By creating different profiles on Instagram, you can easily promote your IVR number and start receiving feedback.

There is several software that make the Instagram algorithm run like clockwork. Instafly is one of them.

If you use your profile with Instafly software, you can increase the number of visits by interacting with automatic following, automatic unfollowing, likes, etc.

About the Legal Liability of IVR Advertising

IVR advertising is perfectly legal if done in accordance with the regulations, and you cannot face criminal penalties.

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